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'The Whisper of Calaresp'

About Me

About me


I started writing my first book in 2012. I would come home from work, walk the dog, make dinner and then sit down to write. Other then walking the dog my weekends were spent absorbed in my notebooks. I absolutely loved it, every moment was exhilarating and I desperately wished I could dedicate more time to it. 

When the company I worked for had to close down I decided to take that opportunity to take up a less demanding, part time job and to dedicate more time to my book.  I never particularly enjoyed writing on a laptop and so all of my book was written by hand in several notebooks. I found this allowed the progression of the book to occur far more naturally. I always felt as if the words were simply flowing from my hand to the page. 

As I got close to finishing my first book my husband and I moved house with our 4 dogs. We bought a beautiful smallholding and we immediately set about fixing it up and filling it with a wide menagerie of farm animals. We  quickly learnt how to look after pigs, goats, sheep, ducks and chickens. I stayed at home to care for the smallholding, whilst continuing on with my book. 

By October 2017 it was written and so the editing began (not in truth a process I particularly enjoyed). Eventually by June 2018 I decided that I had to send it off, I had done as much as I could and so it was time to try and get it published. I knew how difficult it was to get a book published, especially for a first time author and so for months I held my breath.  I had all sorts of responses, from rejections to silence to hybrid contracts. Then I heard from Wallace Publishing and without wanting to sound cheesy I had a good feeling about them from the very first email. They decided they wanted to publish my book and I am now a signed author to them, and I couldn't be happier. 

My first book 'The Whisper of Calaresp' is now in the process of being professionally edited and published. In the meantime without realising there was scope for one I have begun to write a sequel!